Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ahhh School...

Seems like this blog is getting to be a weekend thing...ah maybe because school kicks my ass all week? Okay so this week was a bit nuts, I had something everyday, whether it was working after school Mon and Thurs, class Tues and Wed nights, or having a sub thursday for meetings all day. Taking the weekend off from the mountain to do taxes, clean the house, bring Phife to the park, cook a bunch of food, and watch TV.

Getting really excited about spring break...looks like back to Guatemala. Gonna take some Spanish class, travel a bit more, and just explore. I have been taking a Spanish class Mondays, but I am excited to really practice some more and just immerse myself in it.

Also getting really excited about my tax a good chunk...gonna pay off some debt, look at fixing my back porch up, and see what's left for a new bike....Cross? XC Race Bike...not sure...

Been Listening to Brand New on the bike. A student gave me their newer album...makes me ride extra fast.

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