Sunday, February 25, 2007

So much snow, early morning coffee, and a great show

A great weekend of skiing...threw in a little music, some good food, and a flick.

There is so much snow on the was amazing...went up early Sat...Seriously waist deep and light. Tons of snow deep...

Got back into town rested a bit, got some dinner in NW and hit the Josh Ritter show...a great show to say the least...I had one of those moments where you want to tell someone who isn't there about how amazing it was, try and describe the music, your mood, what a great end to the day...but you just kinda hold it to yourself, stash it away, because you can't really relay to anyone else those moments. Went to bed early, got up early and did it again.

Listen to some Josh Ritter...better yet, see him next time he is in town.


Jed Floding said...

I'm going to go dive into some of that snow tomorrow. Looks delicious.

Annis said...

People should read this.