Monday, March 2, 2009

Banana Belt

It was a seriously long weekend behind the dashboard. I was feeling really sick all last week, but felt better by the end of Fri and made my way to Portland. Fri night worked a fair for Global Routes. The Bender family was nice enough to put me up for the weekend so I ended up out with Mr. Bender...Too much whiskey, but some good music and good times. An early morning Sat as I drove up to Seattle for another fair. Met with some friends for coffee, worked the fair for 3 hours, drove back with stop in Tacoma to see an old housemate that I hadn't seen in 9 years. Another stop in Vancouver for dinner with Roberto and his lady...and a late night arrival in PDX...a long day of driving....

Another early morning Sun saw me making my way out to a grey and ominous looking Hagg Lake for Banana Belt numero uno...I won't do a huge race report, but I will say I had a fun race, I felt strong and never felt like I was using up too much energy. I stayed towards the front, chased down a few breaks, and charged the hills pretty hard. On the last lap the pace didn't pick up like I thought. I figured when we hit the dam it would go hard and I told myself that I would do whatever to stay on front...It wasn't as bad as I figured, we were all together on the hill, but it picked up going down. I just kept working to be in the front but not on the front. I think there was a little chaos on the climb/descent that broke up the group a little. The sprint came quick and I was in a good position. I got boxed out a little and couldn't really get an open lane, but I was really happy with the result and how I felt when it was said and done.

Back behind the dashboard. A little stop in Hood River for coffee with friends and back over the mountains. I think I drove something like 14 hours this weekend, listned to a ton of NPR, and put some 800 miles on the subaru. But it was a great weekend, with good friends, and some good biking. I'm thinking I need to do a couple more of these races. I am looking for the upgrade before the cherry blossom stage race and if I could place well in the next couple I could move up a category. It's a long drive for a short bike race, but there are friends in portland and folks to share the driving with...we shall see.

Back to the grind, coaching lacrosse, pilates, weights, spinnning, work...that's my week. Looks like rain.

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Serena said...

If you move up to Cat 3 you have to get a new bike :-)

Way to kick their butts on the CrossCheck - you are hard core! Nice work this weekend.

Perhaps we can finally meet up for dinner or a drink.