Monday, March 30, 2009

Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic

I guess I am not the only one thinking about this... I went for a ride yesterday and it was all I could do not to push it. Serena makes some good points, and I feel much the same. I think the hardest part for me about training is knowing when enough is enough. It's a balance for me...I know I need to do some hard efforts leading up to a race, but I also know I need rest. Right now I wonder if my legs have it in them to finish strong with 4 races in 3 days...I want to go out and do a long hard ride just to check and be sure...but of course I can't. Instead I will trust that I am ready, I will wait, I will do what I can to be ready.

I tracked down some aero equipment for the time trail, I am doing a fit with Don, I have a bike that is a lot more suitable than the heavy steel cross bike with worn brakes that I have been racing. I have trained, I have rested, I am anxious, but ready.

The weather is looking good.

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