Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chutes and...

Got into some sweet snow. It's been too long and it was good to hit some new terrain. Sat found us rolling in Jesse's f-350 that runs on straight veggie oil out at Paulina Peak with some sleds in tow and a bunch of good snow. Jesse and I got into a ridiculous chute first thing. Steep and real narrow, but stable. Had to move down the chute fast as there was a good amount of sluff that would get going. The exit was narrow and a bit blind, we had to just point it and hold on...You can see Jesse in the picture left. The whole set is here.

Was really debating whether I was going to get up early in the AM and drive to Banana Belt #2...Decided against it when there was talk of it being cancelled due to snow...good decision as it was canceled. Solid.

Sunday a little sleeping in and one of the better days all season up at bachelor. Deep, light, and uncrowded, that was the day. Gonna make it an early night and get caught up with the spring forward.

Working on writing a post all about chamois cream and embrocation...Hot topics around the dinner table lately.

listening to...
-Vampire weekend (overdid it on these guys a while back, now back on) Check it
- Fleet Foxes Check it
- Frightened Rabbit Check it

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Serena said...

Matt - looks like a great weekend... glad you didn't come over to the race... the forecast was right - SNOW! We rode anyway...."race" report at
Can't wait to read about your take on chamois butter...