Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking about road racing...

cyclocross oregon
I came across this post by Heidi Swift and I really liked it. It articulates a lot of what I can't explain about road racing and cyclocross.

We get caught up in other things. We want to be first or best or cat-up sooner. I did a lot of time spinning my wheels in this rut. It is fine to chase victories or nemeses or glory, but chasing effort, pain, and PRs will bring you more happiness in the end.

I’m a competitive person. I want to win. This is no secret.

But winning is secondary. Winning is a side-effect that might come if your heart is squarely focused on your own self-improvement, your own personal growth, your own agonizing effort and daily commitment.

I love cyclocross because it rewards these efforts directly. Barring a mechanical, your race performance is a direct reflection of your fitness, your skill, and your dedication.

This is not the case with road racing. >>>Keep Reading

I find myself thinking a lot about cyclocross when I road race...and this is really well put. Read the whole post here.

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