Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Seeing as it's already Wed night and I am just now turning some attention to this blog, I feel like last weekends racing was a long time ago, and I don't have the energy to remember back that far to recall the muddy, pain filled, crash-fest that was my weekend. I had a blast, that is the report from last weekend, really, it was fun, and I didn't have great results, but it was a great

What I have been thinking a lot about lately is balance. How do you balance work, relationships, chores around the house, bike maintenance, training, racing, and all the other things that don't fall into these neat little categories...There are lots of sacrifices that must be made, prioritizing done, things pushed aside until...well, thanksgiving I guess.

I have a relatively easy schedule to balance compared to those with 9-5 jobs. I have never been one to get up early and do a workout...I suppose if I didn't have to be at work till later, maybe I could pull that off, but I work roughly from 7am to 3pm (usually its more like 4pm). I am not about to get up at 5am to do intervals. I don't have more than 40 min at lunch. Most days I am lucky to be home and on the bike by 5. These short fall days, getting on the bike at 5 means packing the blinky lights and finishing workouts in the dark. By the time I get home I clean up, stretch, make some dinner and by the time that everything is cleaned up I'm left with maybe an hour of free time. There is so much that gets pushed aside, put off, delayed, left out. That's cross season, that's the way the fall goes.

I am in awe of riders who are successful with much tougher schedules, with families, with different work schedules, with hours that make riding outside nearly impossible. I don't have a lot of patience for riding in the garage when it's beautiful outside. It's all about priorities and balance. The sacrifices we make are part of playing this game we get to play. Sure, it's hard, but you make it a priority because it's something you do, it's who you are, because it's more than a hobby. Some days it's a fight to get on the bike with things getting in the way, other days it's it's a mental fight. Some days it's the exhaustion, it's been a long day, and sitting down with some coffee and magazine sounds like a great afternoon. But, getting on the bike is more than a hobby, it's something I need, even when I am exhausted, especially when I am exhausted. Staying balanced is just as big a challenge as any 'cross race.

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Don Leet said...

Balance is what has allowed me to race for as long as I have. Balance is a state of mind more than what your life appears to others. Keep up the balance.